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About Us

IMEL GROUP is a joint venture multitasking company founded in 1981 according to the share-holder corporation principles. The company "IMEL GROUP" deals with engineering, consulting, development and trade, design, and facility equipping, both domestically and abroad.

New Belgrade
In its long lasting local tradition, "IMEL GROUP" had mainly been involved in projects of New Belgrade construction and development, with a goal of fulfilling citizen's lodgment needs, office improvement and modernization, and workspace providing.

In the meantime, "IMEL GROUP" and its experts had been deployed abroad, contributing to their expertise while engaging in the construction projects in Sweden, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Upon successful completion of their work, new factories, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, utility premises, and residential structures were born.

"IMEL GROUP" as a developer also financed permanent work studies contributing to the development and research of specific locations out of which we will mention the above: block 30, block 23, block 1 and one especially interesting location Dobrovicevi Gardens (Bezaniska Kosa Slope), which will facilitate a residential complex that will be developed according to the highest standards.

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