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About Us - Executive Statement

Slobodan Urošević“IMEL” is established in 1981. since then for 20 successfull years, by integrating sciences, programming-design, manufacture, erection and trade, we always go several feet before other companies in adopting new programs, production tehnologies and construction activities - starting from 1991. “IMEL” was transformed into the “IMEL GROUP Ltd.”, a company with foreign capital.

The “IMEL GROUP” Company operates in consulting, designing, furnishing facilities, engineering, development and trade, both in country and abroad.

During its many years of operation in the country “IMEL” has participated mostly in the construction programs of the area called New Belgrade, with the aim to satisfy the residential needs of citizens. High standard residential area (Bezanijska Kosa). Superstructure and new, mainly residential buildings (Block 21), improvement grocery shopping (Greek-Cypriot market in Block 24 and new “Mc Donald’s” Yugoslavia head office with the drive in restaurant) and development of business area (series of business premises – Block 24 shopping mall, handicraft – and service centers within Block 45, Block 70, Tosin bunar, Perper center).

In the meantime “IMEL GROUP” and its experts have been engaged abroad building in Sweden, Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan. They left behind them department stores, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, service facilities and factories…

In the capacity of the developer “IMEL” had also financed the continious research work of certain areas, of which we shall name just a couple Block 30, Block 23, Block 51 and the particulary interesting site Dobrovicevi vrtovi (Bezanijska Kosa slope) where the development of the highest standard residential area is planned.

From the long list of the achieved projects we can single out the residential settlement of Bezanijska Kosa – the undertaking realized by the “IMEL” from the preliminary designs, final designs and supervising its execution in the competition of works.

As one of the most attractive areas in Belgrade, the Bezanijska Kosa still remains the focus of attestation. “IMEL” has prepared a site in Block 51 (located on the western approach to New Belgrade, just 5,5 km from the center of the old part of the City), and commenced construction of the small industry production plants. Many facilities have been already commissioned and their completion has been very successfull. Several facilities are under construction, and also, great number of locations with complete sites’ land development has been prepared for the new users. “IMEL” has completed within the same Block the preparatory works for the construction of a business and market center covering an area of approximately 17 ha which would provide a better and more optimal supply to the entire city of Belgrade.

“IMEL” is currently building and furnishing, on an engineering basis, the facilities at Block 21 (housing – business premises) and Bežanijska Kosa (production – commercial programs).

We are still checked by the local and foreign markets, and we also check ourselves. Try   it; do check us too.

Slobodan Urošević,
Company President

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