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Societe Generale Head Office - Block 21 - GP 15-3
Societe Generale Head Office - Block 21 - GP 15-3
Bulevar Zorana Ðinðiæa 50 a/b, 11070 Novi Beograd

The most attractive building within the business complex in Block 21 is “Société Générale Banka Srbija” Head Office, built by “IMEL GROUP” as the main contractor.

The building is emphasized with two attractive facades facing Zorana Djindjica Boulevard and Proleterske solidarnosti Street.
The building itself occupies 6.200 m², projecting a full set of contents in line with strict requirements set by the bank itself.
The structure 15-3 is designed as a corporate building of highest standards and technology, offering most up to date security system, telecommunication systems and comfort. With a successful completion of this complex task, in the period foreseen, "IMEL GROUP" once again confirmed its responsibility and professionalism during the implementation and realization of the highest demands of its investors.

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