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KIKA Shopping Centre built in only 10 months

KIKA was founded in 1973 as a cash and carry market - and quickly developed into a “full-service” furnishing store with a comprehensive supply and service offer. Since the company’s beginnings, 32 stores have been opened on Austrian soil, while the focus of kika’s expansion lies in the Central and Eastern European markets. The store in Belgrade marks the 5th kika/Leiner Group store opening of this year, out of its 67 locations in Europe. Along with the Austrian furnishing store Leiner, founded in 1910, the kika/Leiner company group will soon be able to look back on 100 years of experience in the furniture retail sector.

After few months of preparation, the construction took around 10 months. The construction itself started in November 2008 and all the works were technically finished in September 2009, at which time technical inspection issued a positive technical report. Opening of the store is expected at the end of November 2009.

SC KIKA Location

The lot is positioned at the western entrance to Belgrade in the Highway E 75 zone (only 5.5 km from the downtown Belgrade and 7 km from the International Belgrade Airport „Nikola Tesla“), on the territory of the New Belgrade municipality, within Block 51 in Bežanijska Kosa area. The building itself is located in the business and residential complex of the block 51, zone 5 in Bežanijska Kosa, which IMEL Group has been developing for over two decades.

Kika is surrounded by access roads from three sides – New Highway Street, Partizanske Avijacije Street and Nova 5 Street. Existing connections enable a direct access to highway in both ways (towards Zagreb and towards Nis).

Public transportation lines which connect this location with the city center are bus lines No.74, No.75, No.75e, No.76, No.82 and No.601. Railway terminal”Tosin bunar“is within 1km distance from Bezanijska Kosa.

Building Info

The lot area amounts to c. 25,000 m2, while the shopping centre KIKA spreads over 22,664m2, consisting of the underground level, ground floor, first and second floor. The building has 18,700 m2 of aboveground surface, with 11,500 m2 of sales area, 850 m2 office space, 600 m2 resaurant and caffe and the remaining auxiliary communication, storage and technical rooms. There are 455 parking places on the lot in front of the building and a large loading area behind the building. The greenery on the parking includes grass and trees, while the entire complex has over 2,500 m2 of green areas.

The building itself has been designed and executed as a modern store building with the latest installations and building management system, giving its owners a comfortable and rational usage, representing the KIKA standard in accordance with their technical requirements applied in all new shops throughout Europe.

Official Opening

At the Press Conference held on 21st October 2009, it was announced that the Grand Opening was going to be held on the 26th November with the ribbon cutting ceremony. Stakeholders such as KIKA’s management, representatives of the IMEL GROUP construction company, as well as a representative from the Government of Serbia will be among those participating in the official opening ceremony. In the four days following the official opening date, KIKA will celebrate the Grand Opening along with its customers, who will be given a numerous special offers to mark the opening of the largest furniture store in Serbia.

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